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Abbot Point Operations prepared for the wet season

Abbot Point Operations prepared for the wet season

Abbot Point Operations prepared for the wet season

7 December 2022

Abbot Point Operations has everything from Bowen’s biggest tie down to a freezer filled with chicken parmis ready to go if a cyclone threatens the North Queensland Export Terminal (NQXT) this summer.

APO Health, Safety, Environment, and Community Manager Kate Mee said the business activated its Severe Weather Committee each October to ensure the multi-billion-dollar Terminal and the near 400 people who work there were ready for whatever the wet season had to throw at them.

Torches, tarps, and pre-packaged chicken parmigiana, lasagne, and vegetarian risotto meals all feature in the comprehensive on-site preparations alongside extra testing of APO’s state-of-the-art water management systems and hands-on practice securing nearly 40-metre-high stacker-reclaimers.

“We collaborate with NQXT, the port authority, and various State and Commonwealth departments to make sure we’re prepared for the wet season, and that approach works really well,” Ms Mee said.

“Living in tropical north Queensland means it’s important we know our site is clear of debris and we can safely and quickly store away equipment or lockdown our infrastructure, not just for a cyclone, but for any of the severe weather systems that can pop up during the wet season.

“It’s also important we look after our people. We make sure we have our contact details up to date and that there is food, water, and supporting facilities in place in case our team ever gets cut off from town.”

Project Supervisor Matt Kingwill implemented much of APO’s severe weather action plan and encouraged locals across the Whitsundays and Mackay to make sure they were cyclone ready at home.

“Alot of what we do at the port can be repeated at home – just on a smaller scale – and now, before a cyclone is bearing down on us, is the best time to take action if you haven’t already,” he said.

“Removing loose sheets of iron or pieces of timber laying about your property and securing your outdoor furniture, LPG bottles, boat or caravan are some of the common sense things that can be the difference between someone being injured or your property or a neighbour’s property being damaged.”


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