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People power delivers record tonnages at Abbot Point

People power delivers record tonnages at Abbot Point

People power delivers record tonnages at Abbot Point

6 July 2020

In the last financial year, a record 31.96 million tonnes of coal from Queensland mines was transported through Abbot Point– breaking the previous record by an impressive 3.02 million tonnes.

This positive news followed the Queensland Department of Environment and Science recently publishing a monitoring report that showed no signs of environmental harm in the Caley Valley Wetlands – the nationally important wetland adjacent to, and downstream of, the Port of Abbot Point.

Abbot Point Operations - General Manager Allan Brown said both of these achievements were very rewarding for the team at Abbot Point Operations (APO) who strive to deliver for customers while focusing on safety, best practice environmental management and partnering with the local community.

“The FY19/20 record throughput achievement of nearly 32 million tonnes was also delivered during a period of wild weather and the challenges of COVID-19 – the risks of which we continue to manage as safely and responsibly as possible,” Mr Brown said.

“Importantly, the throughput figures are more than just an APO success story - they serve as a barometer of the health of our regional economy and reflect the great work of the many thousands of people in the supply chain from pit to port.

"This is an outstanding achievement and a testament to the dedication and skill of our 180-strong local employees who are so proud of the work they do and the community they are part of.

"When you live and work locally, you get to see the benefits of what you do in your community and that spurs you on in the hard times.

"We're extremely fortunate that we can provide ongoing employment, custom for local businesses and inject money back into the Queensland economy in this time of uncertainty.”

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