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Caley Valley Wetlands monitoring progress

Caley Valley Wetlands monitoring progress

Caley Valley Wetlands monitoring progress

5 July 2020

The following statement can be attributed to an Abbot Point Operations spokesperson:

We welcome the Department of Environment and Science monitoring progress report which has found the Caley Valley Wetlands to be in good health, with results confirming there are no signs of environmental harm to the environmental values of the Wetland.

Following Cyclone Debbie in 2017, Abbot Point Operations brought forward a program of significant water infrastructure projects to improve our environmental management outcomes.

More than $25.5 million in upgrades have either been implemented, or are in the works, including new water monitoring infrastructure to allow us to measure water quality in real-time, increasing the volume of water storage ponds, and infrastructure to improve water quality within the terminal’s storage ponds – this includes a fully automated flocculant dosing plant.

In addition, we have completed an upgrade of terminal concrete bunding, catchment diversions around the terminal including new piping and pump facilities to cater for extreme rainfall events, as well as an early works program on the redesign of the remaining water management infrastructure at other authorised release points.

Further upgrades will be delivered by 2021, including additional key water management infrastructure improvements located throughout the terminal.

We are pleased to see this work is already helping us to deliver positive environmental outcomes for the Caley Valley Wetlands.

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